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Didactics App

UI/UX ~ App Design

Didactics (Warp & Weft: Poster Construction + Formal Additive Programs) — a book that offers an insight into Chicago based multidisciplinary designer duo Sonnenzimmer’s (Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi) experimentations and methodology — is transformed from its printed form into digital format.

Team: Sunny Moon, Valerie Vass, Jack Fehrenbacher

Didactics is a book that offers insights into Chicago based multidisciplinary designer duo Sonnenzimmer’s experimentations and methodology. It displays a variety of their posters alongside information about the projects, inspiration, and process. Each poster is accompanied by an exercise: a series of steps that lets the reader create their own work by using various objects and experimental methods. The publication is reinterpreted and transformed from the printed book to digital format. The Ipad app is created to offer a new way of reading and interacting with the book. The contents are re-organized and additional elements are introduced to create a fresh interactive experience for the user / reader in the new format.

  • A more personalized experience by sign up.

  • Ability to explore the homepage and click on objects to go to exercises.

  • Option to choose exercises according to the object used.

  • Step by step guidance accompanied by animations.

  • Ability to simultaneously take in progress images.

  • Tabs that reveal information based on Sonnenzimmer’s process and inspirations.

  • Ability to share final work and in progress images within the app community.

  • Archive that reveals posters created by the in-app community and Sonnenzimmer.

  • Opportunity to share work, explore, and observe the work of others.

  • Access to final pieces and in progress images uploaded by users.

  • Homepage that becomes personalized as the exercises are done, and the option to redo them.

The Book's Structure


with the assistance of unique & interactive step by step exercises that emphasize form, material, and the creative process.


an expansive gallery full of diverse works influenced by Sonnenzimmer’s creative practice and methodology.


to a community of creatives by sharing work and exchanging inspiration. 

A guide to inspiration and exploration, the Didactics app reorganizes the contents of the physical book and puts emphasis on the exercises to focus on experimentation and process.

Structure of the Book

  • Access to images of Sonnenzimmer’s work accompanied by text from the book that offers insight to their process, inspirations, and methodology.

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