Fleet App Case Study

UI/UX ~ Branding

Making plans for a trip can be difficult, especially with a group. Fleet is an app that’s created as a solution aimed to provide travel groups tools to make the location discovery, decision making, and itinerary creation processes easy for a smooth trip. The users can start a new trip, take a questionnaire for personalized location suggestions for their travel group, view each other’s interests, use polls for decision making, and create an itinerary together. Travel planning, made easy.

Research, App Audit & Jobs-to-be-done

I started off by doing an audit of Spotify’s current user experience to get to know the existing features of the app and to discover possible pain points. I determined what Spotify currently does for its users. In addition to that, I conducted desk research and competitor analysis.

The Project

The goal of the project was creating a digital product that focuses on improving the travel and itinerary planning in a group setting. I started of with the question:


I did desk research on not just traveling, but also on topics of planning, organization, and decision making. For competitive research, I looked at other digital products and tools related to traveling. I found that there are challenges to decision making in the group setting, but there are also many strategies to make the process smoother and more productive. However, not a lot of successful existing tools are focused on group planning.


I conducted interviews with 6 people who have past experiences with traveling with a group ranging from 3 to 30 people. I asked them questions to learn about their habits, frustrations, experiences, strategies, and wishes related to the topic.


I gathered my findings from the interviews, and by using the affinity diagramming method, I discovered patterns and recurring themes. I found main ideas and insights related to group planning and traveling, then looked for further connections to determine meta insights.

Key Insights

The key insights that I discovered based on the research led me to come up with questions that guided the next stages of the ideation and experience design processes.

Areas of Focus

Based on my research findings, I determined three main areas to focus on for the product that I would be creating.

Ideation & Low-fi Prototyping

For each area of focus, I came up with divergent ideas for possible features and created low fidelity wireframes to visualize options.

Low-fi Interviews & Synthesis

I conducted interviews with the wireframes that I created to see the user reactions, opinions, preferences, and expectations related to the different possible feature options. I synthesized the responses to gather key insights.