Spotify Community Case Study

UI/UX Design

The Goal: To add a new feature to an existing native app based on problems and opportunities that are uncovered through research.

The Solution: Introducing Spotify Community. New features to enhance the social interactions within Spotify are integrated to the existing app to meet user needs, and add to the experience of discovering and connecting through music.

Research, App Audit & Jobs-to-be-done

In addition to desk research and competitor analysis, I did an audit of Spotify’s user experience to get to know the current app features and to discover possible pain points. I determined jobs-to-be-done, to determine what Spotify currently does for its users.

Sharing of Content:

—Users are only able to share content externally, through different apps. This takes longer steps, is not convenient, and decreases possibilities of mutual interactions about music among people.

Friends’ Activity:

—Spotify lets users view what friends are listening to only on the desktop app. This is a feature that people are interested in, but don’t use a lot because of its limitations.

Interactions Among Users