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In October 17, 1962, after a conversation with his friend Robert Filliou, Daniel Spoerri traced all the objects gathered on the blue tabletop of his Parisian hotel room onto a large sheet of paper, adding a description for each. An Anecdoted Topography of Chance includes a total of 80 numbered and annotated objects. There are several editions of the book, each one longer and more elaborate than the one before, enriched with the annotations and additions by several contributors. The descriptions of the objects create a portrait of Daniel Spoerri & the community around him, and celebrate friendship with a collection of information, memories,  and descriptions that accumulated over time.

An Anecdoted Topography of Chance

UI/UX~ Branding

The publication with the full name “An Anecdoted Topography of Chance by Daniel Spoerri done with the help of his very dear friend Robert Filliou and translated from the French and further anecdoted by their very dear friend Emmett Williams enriched with still further anecdotations by their very dear friend Dieter Roth with 100 reflective illustrations by Topor” is transformed from a printed book to digital format.

Team: Sunny Moon, Valerie Vass, Jack Fehrenbacher

The Problem

The publication was not user friendly, and was difficult to understand how to navigate. It had a complicated structure with many annotations that referred to different pages of the book. There were mentions of many people or artists but not much explanation or supporting material.

The Book's Structure

Goals & Strategies

Reformat annotations and supplemental elements to serve the main body of text rather than belabor it.


Nest references and cross referencing to the main text to create a user friendly experience.


Maintain users’ ability to experience linear structure while allowing room for flexibility.


Introduce additional supplementary elements to support the existing content.


The Solution

The Ipad app is created to offer a new experience of the artist book by modifying and restructuring it to make the content more accessible. The abundant information and the complicated cross referencing is reformatted, and additional supplemental information and images are added to help the user/reader navigate comfortably through the content.

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